New Beginnings can often feel this way.

And how we view this image says everything.

Is it exciting to know something sparkling, ever changing, is right above our head?

Or do we feel we are submerged under our emotions and circumstances?

Do we feel fearful when we can barely see a few feet in front of us?

But in the latter perspective, what we do have to hang onto, is glittering hope.

Know that if you ever find yourself in temporary struggle, whether you enjoy the challenge or not, it does not mean you have failed.

It means you are not complacent.

It means you are willing to risk, to grow, to evolve.

It means you are brave.

It means a big reinvention, like that phoenix rising out of their ashes…is beckoning you to break open from past limitations… to more prosperity and freedom. To a more heroic state of mind.


I hope this site helps guide you home.

Home to more joy, more power and a less stress-driven existence.

There is always more growth.

More happiness, more lessons.

And you can learn to smile through most of it.

The wise know the power of hope.

Know you are capable. Know you are powerful.

Know you are unquestionably loved.

Welcome. Explore. Enjoy.

Elevate your world.


Andrea Coeur